Here at 40 Kola, we are firm believers that the P-word is a dirty one. That’s why you won’t find our product wrapped in plastic headed for the landfill, instead we are keeping it classic – and fully recyclable with glass bottles.

We’re proud to be an independent company, and will continue to work with other independent companies who promote both ethical and sustainable practices. Being independent gives us the freedom to work alongside others who have a similar standpoint and view the world in our light, and we warmly invite you to do the same.

We are working hard to keep our methods of production fully sustainable and so we use as much as we can, wherever we can. We were determined at the very beginning that our mission would be to champion the importance of minimal waste, and so decided that our signature 40 milligrams of caffeine would come from the decaffeination process of decaf coffee beans.

Also, the malt extract that gives us our deliciously dark colouring is actually a bi-product of brewing processes. We use this rather than introducing any extra and unnecessary chemicals, such as caramel colouring, and producing more waste.

We know that there is so much more to be done, and we will continue to research, monitor and update our practises to ensure that we are doing our best for this wonderful place we all call home.

PLEASE NOTE: Our drinks are best enjoyed with a cardboard straw and a guilt-free conscience.

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