Small Beginnings

Our story began when we two lifelong friends, Dan and Kieran, decided something was missing in the soft drinks market. Something honest, simple and all-natural but still exciting enough to deserve a place behind the bar. We got to work researching the not-so-secret formula of cola and devised our own, singular recipe. And so, born from a kitchen in the Newcastle suburb of Jesmond, comes the all-natural, caffeine infused 40 Kola.

Community Curators

As people-people with an interest in the arts, we aim to curate not just a brand, but a community, a Kola culture, if you will. A collective of artists, creatives, musicians and emerging talent that quite simply enjoy a good time, with a good drink.

“We are for the late-night thinkers, the party bringers and the simplicity seekers”


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