Here at 40 Kola, we like to put smiles on faces, we like our eggs sunny side up and we always keep our glass half full. (Of 40 Kola of course)

But we know that optimism isn’t always that easy to come by.

Our newspapers, our social media, our radio stations – it seems like all they have to tell us is bad news.

But fear not – we are here to help you grab Monday right by the positivity.

Want to get off the endless Brexit-Trump-Boris carousel? Join us.

We are Making Monday Great Again. 

We know we can’t get you world peace, we know we can’t get you another bank holiday, and we know we can’t undo that embarrassing thing you said 5 years ago.

But what we can do is spread the word of your happy happenings.

Got good news? We want to hear about it. Tweet us, email us, send us a pigeon or smoke signal, and you just might be presented with our MMGA Package of Positivity.

Whether you’ve just won the Nobel Peace Prize or managed to find the perfect avocado in Aldi, no victory is too small and we want to celebrate it.