10 Tips For Increasing Your Bar’s Revenue And Profitability

The goal of every hospitality establishment is to attract regular customers, for them to spend money and to enjoy their time in  your establishment.

When deciding how you’ll maximise your bar revenue, consider a few things:

• What makes your venue unique?
• What do you have to offer that no one else does?
• What are your most popular food and drink offerings?
• Why would someone choose your venue over others?

Increasing sales for your venue requires focus and proper management. Learn how every part of your operations can help you achieve your goal.
Listed below are some strategies and tactics that may help improve profitability not just in this period but throughout the year:
1. If you offer meals in your establishment
instruct your waitstaff to offer before and after meal drinks. This could mean suggesting a nice artisan soft drink before dinner (we know a good BRAND!), or a rum and 40 kola after or during dessert. Make this process part of your service procedure and make it happen every time.
If this is done for each table sitting during a shift, the extra income is certainly worth the effort. And, you are adding an extra positive element to your customer service standards.
2. Make upselling a part of your internal culture.
Integrate upselling into your induction process, and upselling and sales training into your regular staff meetings. Don’t forget that your frontline staff are your most powerful and influential sales machines.
3. POST-MIX offers excellent profit-margins
our 10l bag-in-box provides 60ls of drinks when diluted 5:1. This means that just one box can deliver more than 180 cans or 250 bottles which is more than 20 cases at a time.
enabling you to Serve customers faster without losing quality.
3. Etch your soft drink glasses with plimsoll lines
prevent over pouring. The cost of etching your glassware will very quickly pay itself off (compare how much extra your staff may have been pouring) no more wasted stock or wasted profits.
4. Enforce your inventory control systems.
even if they are minimal. Make sure you closely monitor and enforce inventory procedures like invoice entry, spillage entry, wastage entry etc. staff will be more careful to avoid any wastage if accountable.
5. Keep an eye out for slow moving stock.
If you find a slow moving line, do something to promote it. After it sells sufficiently, either stop ordering the product or order less. Think of stock as tied up money.
6. Aim to keep as little stock on hand as possible
40 Kola post-mix concentrate and bottles has next day delivery so you only need to order as and when. think of stock as money tied up as product. Excess stock doesn’t earn interest in a bank account.
7. To sell a large volume of 40 Kola (bottles)
stock an entire shelf full of 40 Kola in your display fridges. Your customers will take more notice of the product if it takes up a larger share of your display fridge ‘real estate’.
8. Maintain a strict ‘First In, First Out’ (FIFO) policy.
use your oldest stock first so you don’t have to discard any items that are past their ‘best before’ or expiry date.
An effective way of doing this is to record the date you received any perishable stock (write it on the packaging of the stock, so it’s easy to access) and always use the oldest first.
9. Offer happy hour specials.
Offering special prices on mixers has become one of the most-used (and most successful) marketing strategies for boosting bar profits.
Offering happy hour pricing is an easy way to attract a paying crowd.
10. Create a bar marketing strategy.
This doesn’t have to be too complicated.
Take advantage of free marketing platforms like FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and Twitter and create posters using CANVA.
If you have a website, make sure it is SEO optimized and keep it updated with current content to improve search engine rankings. Even something as simple as hosting events such as pub quizzes can bring in new customers.
40 Kola provide affordable, efficient FREE ON LOAN systems and exclusive, artisan flavours that hospitality businesses and their customers LOVE.
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