At 40 KOLA, we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in Newcastle, but we’ve never forgotten our roots.

We’re thrilled to share that our unique and refreshing beverages are now available nationwide, bringing a taste of our vibrant hometown to every corner of the nation.

What sets us apart is not only our dedication to quality but also our commitment to innovation.

We believe in bringing a fresh vibe to our drinks, creating an electrifying experience with every sip.

From the bold and classic original 40 Kola to the exotic and invigorating 40 Grapefruit + Lavender, each flavour has its own personality, designed to uplift spirits and awaken your senses.

But it’s not just about the drinks themselves. We take pride in our Newcastle heritage, and it’s ingrained in everything we do. From the vibrant packaging that reflects our city’s lively spirit to our commitment to innovation, our roots run deep.

Cheers to 40 Kola – born in Newcastle, loved nationwide!

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I’m looking for post mix near me, can you help?

Yes! We are based in the North East but operate throughout the UK

I’m looking for soda syrups in the UK, can you help?

Yes! As a soft drink manufacturer in the UK, we offer a wide range of soda syrup in boxes for post mix dispensing.

I’m looking for soft drink suppliers, who manufacture in the UK, can you help?

Yes! Our soft drink beverage syrups are manufactured in the UK.

I’m looking for a bar carbonated soda dispenser, can you help?

Yes! When you buy your post mix syrup from us, we will also loan you drink dispensing equipment, completely free of charge

I’m looking for post mix BIB syrups in London, can you help?

Yes! We have distributors across the UK.