40 Kola

All natural, caffeine infused

Our cola is the classic cola recipe reimagined, the definitive drink with a facelift, a modern twist on a much-loved original. We’ve kept the basic ingredients to respectfully preserve the cola taste, but increased the citrus notes to keep it fresh – like us.

40mg caffeine, 40 Kola

You’ve got the zest of cola with a helpful hit of caffeine, think of the lift you get from your espresso, without any actual coffee, or a nasty aftertaste. Those essential 40 milligrams are what we consider to be the most important part, and so that’s where we derived our name from. (Genius, we know.)

No clever chemistry

We don’t consider ourselves scientists, and so we leave the tricky stuff to them. There’s no tricks, gimmicks or cover-ups, we are what we say we are; an all-natural, honest drink. We’ve removed everything artificial including the caramel contained in standard colas, trust us, we’re the good guys.

The Drink

40 Kola is refreshing enough to be enjoyed as a drink in its own right, but we also found that it makes a pretty damn good mixer after experimenting with a tipple or two. We enjoy the velvety, oaky experience of 40 Kola paired with bourbon, and also the coconut and vanilla tones when a fiery dark rum is introduced.

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