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Woahhhh, you’re halfway there…to supplying your venue with a delicious, no-nonsense soft drink to treat and tantalise your customers. Or maybe you have quintessential tastes and would like our products for personal use?!

Either way, we’d be delighted to hear from you and get our products in venues and homes across the land.

We believe humans with a delectable taste deserve to enjoy a premium soft drink, that not only tastes fantastic but is also sustainable and uses the finest ingredients.

Once your customers taste our 40 Kola there’ll no be going back to box standard soft drinks, they’ll be hooked.

To get your mitts on 40 Kola you can contact us directly via our very cool, very friendly, and very Geordie sales team today. Whyaye man!

Call us on 01670 818666 between Monday to Friday (9 am-5 pm) or email us at

I suppose whilst you’re here you could just complete our contact form below.

Listen, we’re as cool as our drinks on how you let us know you want 40 Kola. So come on, talk to us today, and let’s get your venue one of the coolest places to be!

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