40 Kola CUT

Maybe you like having options, maybe your cool friend Jim recommended us or maybe you’re one of the curious ones. Whatever has brought you here, we don’t judge, we’re just glad you could make it.

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you probably strolled into a bar at some point, tasted the delights of our signature 4O Kola and thought, ‘damn, that is a tasty cola. I’m gonna see if they have any other drinks that I can try.’

Well friend, we are all about choice here.

Which is why we wanted to give people the option of both our signature 4O Kola and our CUT option, which has a third of the caffeine and sugar, it’s somewhat the older, more sensible brother that has his finances in order and enjoys holidaying along the French riviera.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s not going to be the same, how could we do this to you, but fear not, because 4O Kola Cut offers something you won’t want to miss.

Now you’re interested, aren’t you? You’re wondering what could possibly be so significant – perhaps the elixir of life? Fame and fortune bottled? An infallible love potion?

Truth is, 4O Kola Cut uses a sweetener that is 100% natural. Stevia, our all-seeing, all-knowing and all-natural power plant is the only sugar substitute on the market that doesn’t add calories or any nasty, unwanted chemicals with names that we can’t pronounce.

To go all science-y on you, if we may, sweeteners commonly found in other popular diet soft drinks such as aspartame and acesulfame are shown to have adverse effects on health. If we can’t pronounce it, we don’t want it.

Why use a sugar substitute at all, you ask? Well because at the very start of us creating 4O Kola Cut, we played a game of limbo with the levels of sugar, and found that it just doesn’t taste as good if we were to completely eradicate the sweet stuff. So we used stevia instead.

(P.S, Thanks Jim)

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