Had this (Grapefruit + Lavender) for the first time at tea and tipple; out of curiosity. Now I need a crate. It’s going to be my flavour of the summer. Or maybe by 30s. Goddammit it was delicious

James Prime

Overall, I would definitely recommend 40 Kola to anyone looking for a delicious and refreshing soft drink option. It’s high-quality ingredients and balanced flavour make it a standout choice in a sea of generic cola brands.

Gina Pattinson

As a long-time fan of cola drinks, I was excited to try 40 Kola, and it did not disappoint! It has a bold and robust flavour that packs a punch, making it a great drink to enjoy.

Martin Davidson

I love 40 Kola, I even ordered a tray of the Blood and Orange for a party I was having recently! My guests loved it. My only complaint is that it’s not served in more venues but I guess that will happen eventually!

Benjamin Ronald

We’ve just switched our post-mix to 40 Kola and the customers love it! The coke has a rich taste which is proving to be a great mixer for our alcoholic drinks. From our perspective 40 Kola is more cost effective than other brands so we’re making more money yet not compromising on quality.

Sarah Bradley, The Grapes

40kola have a great range of delicious beverages that are made with all the best natural ingredients which is a massive part of our brand values here at Yōso.

We take pride in doing our market research to ensure our customers get the best possible options when visiting us. Don’t believe us try one for yourself! ❤️

Sam Turnbull, Yōso oWNER

I bought a few bottles of 40 Kola at Fenwick’s in Newcastle as I fancied trying something unique to other cola brands and I loved it! It has a lovely richness about it and as a post-mix option, it partnered beautifully with a splash of Captain Morgan. Great stuff.


I order 40 Kola at my local beach side café after a not so strenuous walk with the dog! It’s incredibly refreshing and I prefer it to other cola brands out there.

Peter Plenderis

Thanks so much 40 Kola has chilled me out! Great drink!

Beki H

Tried 40 Kola not so long ago and I have to admit, it’s fantastic!

David Clark